TOXIC EXPOSURE – ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTS   AEG SPECIES OF MOLD REPORTED SUBSEQUENT TO AEG ENVIRONMENTAL TESTING ORDERED AND SECURED DIRECTLY BY THE STATE FARM ARIZONA DESK ADJUSTER IN MARCH 2019, after SERVPRO had offered, in writing, to obtain a report to authorize buildback (knowing full well that the roof had not yet been replaced and no…

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    This blog shares some of the environmental reports generated after roof loss of 2/2/2019 that resulted in extreme microbial growth, toxic exposure and a $10,000,000 lawsuit by Linda Ayres vs State Farm et al   TOXIC EXPOSURE – ENVIRONMENTAL REPORTS – START WITH THE SCIENCE VIDEOS: INSURERWARS.COM More details and insights can be found at…

The Policyholder

Linda Ayres has been a State Farm policyholder for over 50 years, a writer, a boomer with disabilities, and she is active in promoting public awareness about dangerous situations.


Her 2019 California home wind peril claim was not denied; what caused the catastrophic damages and toxic exposure? Why did her agent tell her to “lawyer up and sue for $10 million rather than help restore the house to pre-loss condition?

A “disabled old woman” is expected by State Farm to protect herself and her property from 8+ lawfirms, 16+ lawyers, swaths of paralegals without legal representation? Her agent’s advice was just, “…Lawyer up and sue for $10,000,000.00 ?? How can that be insurance?


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